Coventry School of Samba

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Welcome to the Coventry School of Samba website!

Who are we?

We are a fun, friendly, community-based samba drumming group.

Come along and learn to play a variety of samba instruments, experience the excitement of Brazilian culture and music, have fun and make some noise!

Everyone is welcome from complete beginners to experienced drummers of all levels. For booking enquiries, information about joining the group or general questions, please drop us an email via the link at the top of the page if you'd like to find out more.

Where are we?

We meet every Wednesday evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at the following address:

Sandy Lane Business Park
Sandy Lane
Coventry CV1 4DQ

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We would strongly advise getting in touch before attending, as it can be difficult to find us sometimes!

What do we play?

Many different types of drums are played in samba bands, whose interlacing rhythms make exciting, funky samba music. Here are just a few of the drums played by Coventry School of Samba:

Surdo Surdo

The surdo is the biggest drum of all and it provides the bass line for samba grooves. They come in many different tones and are made from wood or aluminium. They are played with beaters.

In Brazil these drums are often highly decorated for carnivals. They are attached by a belt around the waist, a shoulder strap or a harness. In addition shin pads and gloves are often needed!

We currently have about 9 of these drums in Coventry School of Samba and together they make a very impressive sound.

Repanique Repanique

Pronounced 'hepaniki', this is the weapon of choice of the group leader. This metal drum can be played with great variety as it can produce so many different tones and is often the instrument used to introduce and end songs and breaks.

It is played with sticks or hands and is held on by a belt around the waist.

Caixa Caixa

The caixa is in effect a snare drum on which you play fast, repetitive rhythms, which drive the groove along and maintain the rhythm. They are played with two sticks. These, like the surdo, are also attached to the player by a belt around the waist.

Coventry School of Samba has 3 caixa players.